It's another boy!

Alex is going to have a little brother!

We had our sonogram today and everything looks great. Baby Guazzo #2 is due Oct 26th.

We are also visiting NJ on Memorial Day weekend and will be in Oakland if anyone wants to get together let us know ASAP.


Drugs are a good thing!

Thursday I went to the Dentist to see why my tooth was aching and of course they hit me with the news that it was my wisdom teeth giving me the problem. I had surgery yesterday and I am surpisingly feeling just fine. I was lucky that my teeth had not been impacted and were completely errupted. Now I am just enjoying the narcotics, they come in handy when you want to ignore a 2 yr old.

Alex had a fun play date on Thursday with his buddy Gracie. They painted pictures and a mother's day card for me. They made lego castles and ate peanut butter on crackers. A very exciting day!

Today Alex and Daddy went to the mall to pick out a present for me for mother's day. I met them there after getting Daddy's car oil change and my nails done. We had lunch and then Alex pitched a fit (his new thing at the the mall) and cried all the way back to the car. Then he cried all the way home. At least then he took a nap! After his nap we went outside and his friend Zach came over and played in the sand box and rode tricycles with him. Oh what fun to be a boy.

Oh well, that is our exciting TN news for the day.