Posh friends...

This is a website/store that a friend from a long time ago owns. I went to high school with the owner. One of his dresses was just worn by Paris Hilton on her new show. So cool!


Posh Boutique | Designer Clothes | Designer Jeans | Dresses | Handbags via kwout

50% off everything sale Scrapbooker Online Store

A wonderful store is closing. If you like the store you will love the Forum. Join us for some scrap stuff in the forum after you make a great purchase!
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Disney Pictures

Finally some good pictures from Disney.

Happy Turkey Day from Dolly

I bet Six Flags doesn't send a greeting to their season pass holders! LOL


Progress in Painting....

So here is the before and after of the living room.
From house

From house

From house


Photos from this month

Here are some photos from this month so far.
Our 2nd snowfall (Jeff loved it). Alex and Jeff just hanging around the house posing for me. Alex's soccer awards lunch. Oh and a photo of his teacher reading a story. I will upload the video of that too, it is hilarious.
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Gearing up for the holidays

Today was nice, Tony took Jeff to school early today so I got to drink my coffee in peace. Then I had yet another dental appointment (probably the 7th of the year). At least it was just a cleaning this time! I should have my own room with a plaque on it at that place. After that I headed to Home Depot to browse while chatting on the phone with my friend Dee. Then I hit Michael's craft store just too look at the holiday decor and scrap stuff. I picked up some chocolate molds to make chocolate covered pretzel rods in the shape of Christmas trees. I think the boys would love to help make them.

Then I called Tony to see if he could meet for lunch but he had already got some and was eating when I called. I headed over to the mall to see if my new glasses were ready and did a lot of walking and window shopping. I was on the hunt for some holiday sweaters for the boys. I need to get their photos done. I haven't gotten professional photos since spring 2007 I think. Other than the school photos they do and Alex's sucked this year so I didn't eve buy any.
So I found really cute sweaters, hats and gloves at Gymboree...I really hate that store (over rated and over priced). But after searching every department store there today that is where I went back to.

So after shopping I went to pick up Jeff and we came home. Now I have to get ready to paint again. I am pretty much done with the trim and now I can start priming the red walls.

I am sitting here now watching DWTS from 2 weeks ago. It still amazes me how well these people can dance. I can't wait to see who wins this year. I still love Warren Sapp. He is amazing and hilarious! Oh well...off I go to feed the kids and start painting.



Ok, so it has been 4 yrs since we moved here and I am finally sick of the red paint in my living room that I painted the very first month we lived here. All of the white trim has been abused by my kids and their matchbox cars. If I see Ryan Newman crash into my baseboards again I will have to crush him with my Kia Sedona!
I am starting with the trim and then will prime the red so that when my dear sister comes to visit for Thanksgiving she can help me. If she doesn't help, then NO TURKEY FOR HER!
I got a lot done today. Jeff even helped me wash down all the baseboards. He was pretty good at it. I think it will be his job every week to do it from now on. :-)
I will post pictures when I have it all primed...so we can have a a good before and after.


Drum roll please.......

It is finally here! I have been working on this site for a while now and it is finally LIVE!!! Go get your tickets now!


Just another day

So last week I found a new school for Jeffrey. He started Tuesday. He loved it! It is a nice program for him. They have 3-5 yr olds all in the same class. This will be great for him since he is used to playing with kids older than he is. On our way there yesterday morning, I got a call from Alex's school. He was in the office "dying" again. He had a fever, stomach ache and headache. So I picked him up and then dropped Jeff off at school. He spent the day sleeping.
Tony is in Tulsa this week. It has been a while since he traveled.
I have been working on a website for some friends this week. I can't wait to see their business on opening night! Check out the site (it will be changing soon). I just have the basics up for now. Ticketing online will be functional soon!

I have yet to download the Disney pictures from my laptop. I am so far behind on stuff like that. I did manage to redesign my blog. It was fun. Now I can play with doing backgrounds for people and maybe selling them!

I also got started on "fall cleaning" today. I started in the living/dining room. I need to get everything painted before the holidays. I am enlisting my sister to help paint on Thanksgiving weekend. I need to bribe her with chocolate cream pie and turkey.

After I paint I need to figure out a way to stop the boys from running their cars into the baseboard trim. It looks like the banks at Bristol...all tarred up from tire marks.

Oh well, off to put the monsters to bed.


messed up blog

I am trying to upgrade my blog, I apologize for any problems you may incur.



Ok, so I have to brag about my smart kid. LOL

Here is his first quarter report card. I am thrilled with it and so is daddy.
His teacher is impressed with all his abilities. He is was tested in Sept for reading at a late 2nd grade/early 3rd grade level, in only 3 months he is now reading at 5th/6th grade. I think he gets that from his grandmothers on both sides of the family (LOL).

From 2008 10 04

From 2008 10 04

From 2008 10 04

From 2008 10 04


Voting in an outhouse...

This was the first time I voted in TN and I am just relieved it wasn't in a church. I swear this building was no bigger than 15 x 30 ft. and in the middle of a cow pasture. The only good news is it took less than 15 minutes to complete the process.
Happy voting everyone!
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