New Years Eve

Our day was spent at Fun Expedition with Gram and Grandpa...then Uncle Danny and Lisa decided to detour through TN on route to St. Louis from FL. Fun times!
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Free Rutgers Wallpaper...

To all my Jersey friends...we finally have a great team in our state. Click on the photo and follow the Photobucket size guides to download. Enjoy.
This is a thank you to my Aunt Lorri's family for sending us the really cool Rutgers jerseys.


Christmas Break Day 3 & 4

Well yesterday we went bowling with some friends. The boys made me crazy of course, running and not sitting when it wasn't their turn. We managed to escape without any injuries or damage to the bowling alley. Here are some photos...I played with them in CS3 and made them look like vintage 1970's photos.

Today we painted some wooden ornaments. The boys love painting, I just hate the mess. They did pretty good this time.


Treasures in Time new local store

Hey everyone check out this new store, it was opened recently by friends of a friend. They are in downtown Bristol! My friend Denise Beverly is one of the vendors.


Preschool Christmas Party

Making a bell from a cup, glue and tissue paper squares.

Then making gingerbread houses.

Eating gingerbread houses.

This kid couldn't wait!


Book gift exchange...he was so excited to get the books. He wanted me to read them immediately.

First Grade Express Christmas Morning Party

Matthew checking out his gifts.

Vijay - the birthday boy...

Andrew reading the book Mrs. Owens gave them in their stockings...

Alex showing little brother Jeff his stash.

Breakfast catered by the parents. Everyone wore pajamas...just like Christmas morning.

Say Cheese!

Mrs. Owens after receiving her gift from the kids.


Principal Mrs. Maggard pays a visit!

Vijay's cupcakes make your tongue blue....ewwww

Fun for all...lots of sugar, hope Mrs. Owens had fun after we left.

Preschool Christmas Program

This was Jeffrey being a clown at his Christmas singing preschool program. Needless to say he got lots of laughs from the audience and had to have the teacher sit next to him halfway through the show.

From 2008 12 18

From 2008 12 18

The Polar Express

Wednesday (12/17) we attended a field trip to the Bonnie Kate Movie Theatre in Elizabethton. Ashley Academy rents the theatre each holiday season for a family movie trip. It was so much fun. The kids loved it. Jeffrey even behaved quite well. I love that movie, it was the first time I saw it in a theatre.

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