Happy Birthday to my baby!

I had hoped to spend the day packing and scrapping and celebrating Jeff's 3rd birthday. Instead I spent 4 hrs at urgent care with my 6 yr old who had a fever. Since we are headed to FL on Friday I wanted to be sure it wasn't strep or ear infections. It wasn't...just the nasty flu bug. He was fine until we got home then while laying in our bed YACK! I feel so bad. We had a quick birthday cake and presents for Jeff, but Alex couldn't even make it to the table. We are going to be celebrating in Disney next week with a character lunch for him so we can really hoop it up then!
Oh well. Better birthdays next year.

I just can't believe this little guy is already 3. It is remarkable to me to think this is how old Alex was when Jeff was born. I will try to post some video later. He is a very funny kid.

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MAN-Booking: A Guy's Guide To Scrapbooking | Cracked.com

This was hilarious...I just had to share. Thanks to JA for making me google "SCRAPBOOKING JOKES".


My Super Star Goalie!

These are a few shots from the game today. Usually Jeff and I don't go to games. Dad is the coach so he takes Alex most of the time. We showed up today to get some pictures of our super star goalie. Alex has come a long way since game one. I am very proud of him. These shots are really from warm ups. I was too busy keeping Jeff of the field during the game to get any good shots of Alex. LOL

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Pttsburgh Zoo

This was from our visit to Pitt.

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Simple Saturday: ONE PHOTO LAYOUT

Simple Saturday Oct 18, 2008: ONE PHOTO LAYOUT
Scrapbooker Online Challenge

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My cat named Dogfood...

Had to share. I just completed this layout for a challenge on SBO.

My cat...Dogfood

  • DCWV black cardstock
  • The Pet Stack DCWV - cut out "DOG food"
  • Chipboard arrow and scallop (covered with papers from Pet Stack)
  • Stickles threads on kitty name paper.
Journaling: Tony never wanted any animals, but I lived for two years without a cat and just couldn't do it anymore. I found you at a pet store while shopping on Black Friday in Rehoboth Beach Outlets with my sister, Lesley. You were actually on sale for only $8 (marked down from $10). When we arrived home Tony just said "She'd better behave or she will be dog food for the dog next door!". That whole weekend he kept calling the cat dog food, my sister's kids though that was hilarious. The name just stuck. So here you are, our sweet princess kitten named Dogfood.


Pumpkin Mountain - Sinkland Farms Christiansburg VA

This place was beautifully nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains half way between TN and my mother and sister's house. We met around noon and hit the local restaurant for some great sandwiches and Bloody Mary's then went off to pick pumpkins.

I have lots more pics but these I did some touching up and cropping last night and wanted to share. I will do more tonight.

This was the mountain view from the pumpkin mountain. I have never seen a pumpkin field so large.

The only downfall was that we were DEEP IN HOKIE Country...and we did not like it one bit!

Our bounty of pumpkins...if you are wondering where Tony, Alex and Macayla are...they headed up the mountain and we gave up on them. We saw them while taking the hayride back to the farm house.


National Card Making Day

So I actually participated today in this event online. My Sistas over at SBO (http://www.scrapbookeronline.com/index.php) had a bunch of challenges and I was able to complete 5 of them. WOO HOO! I am impressed. I even got to catch up on a lot of TIVO. We are off to visit with my family tomorrow and visit a pumpkin patch. I am sure to have lots of pics and video on Monday.
Enjoy! And send a card to someone in honor of the day.