Pumpkin Mountain - Sinkland Farms Christiansburg VA

This place was beautifully nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains half way between TN and my mother and sister's house. We met around noon and hit the local restaurant for some great sandwiches and Bloody Mary's then went off to pick pumpkins.

I have lots more pics but these I did some touching up and cropping last night and wanted to share. I will do more tonight.

This was the mountain view from the pumpkin mountain. I have never seen a pumpkin field so large.

The only downfall was that we were DEEP IN HOKIE Country...and we did not like it one bit!

Our bounty of pumpkins...if you are wondering where Tony, Alex and Macayla are...they headed up the mountain and we gave up on them. We saw them while taking the hayride back to the farm house.

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