One more room

One more room painted. The master bedroom is finally done.
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Hell's Kitchen

How freaking funny is this?
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I have to say it was a pleasure to see at some really over rated teams lose this weekend. Although it was a really tough call to route for Penn State, a long time rival of Pitt. In this house we still even chant the Penn State Sucks cheer during the Pitt fight song after a touchdown. I suppose it was more fun to see all those bandwagoneer fans of the Irish crying in their beer.

I kinda feel sorry for Michgan (not a rival for us). But it was nice to see Oregon win. I have always liked the Ducks (back in the Joey Harrington days).

But HOT DAMN....it was sweeeeet justice watching those Hokies get stomped on AGAIN! The Guazzo Curse is alive and well since I found that picture again! I love that my kid can spot a VT logo from a half mile away and scream BOO HOKIES...now that the season has started he can start doing it again. We paid some respect for a few weeks after their tragedy and made him stop saying it. (Alex also says it at exit 119b on Interstate 81 - Blacksburg VA- the Hokie Nation)

And then the icing on the cake was watching Coach O'Brien (NC State) lose to his old school Boston College. We spent many hours screaming "Jack Ass" from the parents section of that school. Just a little bitter about his coaching of my brother in-law.

Oh well, we are off to Pittsburgh this coming weekend -- wish us luck -- we suck!
Another kinda Guazzo curse , everyone he picks loses.