Challenging March

So I got some scrappy mojo lately and thought I would share. I have been active on the SBO challenges this month. Also I have been creating my own challenges for the ladies at the local scrapbook store. We started a new online community for Memory Lane in Kingsport. It is fantastic and I can't wait to get more local ladies involved on it. If you need some inspiration go to both boards and join us!


K&Co. Day Dreams

Creative Cafe chip flower
Misc. Ribbon from Mike's
Rub on (My Happiness) October Afternoon
DCWV Matstack Black

Arrow - Sassafras Lass
Prima Flowers
MM Shimmer mini alpha
k*i Bloom Canopy, Dandelions
AC Yellow Cardstock
Chipboard, walmart can of chips(LOL)
DCWV orange card
Little sticky rubber things from the Mosh Posh kit, not labeled



DCWV Cardstock (lime green)
Papers from 2008 DCWV Spring Stack
Prima Flowers
Misc. Button
Scallop and shape cut with Silhouette
Title Marketing Script font cut with Silhouette
Threading water punch

Scenic Route Capetown
DCWV Green Cardstock
K&Co Recycled Cardstock
Prima Flowers
Misc. Buttons
Vellum Stickers (lost packaging) LOL
Brads making memories
Sketch - Scrapbooks Etc. April 2009 - pg 88


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Dear Big Grandma...

I got a text message last night at midnight that my mother was taking my grandmother to the hospital. She is 79 and pretty much just affected with old age issues. Every once in a while her body gets out of whack and sends her to the ER. Well they admitted her and she is having some major issues with the kidneys. They did one round of dialysis today and we will know more tomorrow.

My sister and mom have been with her and they don't think she looks good at all. They will consider it a miracle if she makes it home. She will likely need dialysis 3 days a week after this.

Well, my kids really love going to visit Grandma Susan and Big Grandma (my grandma). My sisters kids started calling her this way back when they were little and it stuck. So I explained to Alex today that she was sick and in the hospital. He looked a little sad, and asked if she would get better. Recently his teacher was in the hospital and came out just fine so he has been talking about this in school and at home. I tried to tell him that even though the doctors are going to do their best to make her better, she is old and sometimes old bodies just can't get better. We left it at that. I asked him to write her a letter (get well card). I asked him to mention how much he likes going there to see her and why.
After he did his part we asked Jeffrey what he would want to say to Big Grandma, and he said clear as day "Dear Grandma, I hope you feel better". Then Alex coaxed him into the next few sentences. But at the end Jeffrey spelled his name for Alex to write it. Alex is only 6 1/2 and in first grade and Jeff is only 3. Not the neatest penmanship, but he spelled all the words all by himself.

Here is a copy of the letter. (click on it for a larger image)

hello, my name is...

Janice, and I am a font hoarder. These one is great! AND FREE!

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Help Alex celebrate Jump Rope For Heart's 30th Birthday!

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Hello! Did you know Jump Rope For Heart has been around for 30 years? I am so excited to be a part of this special celebration at my school. I am jumping rope and raising money to help the American Heart Association fight heart disease and stroke in Jump Rope For Heart. Can you please help me by making a donation that will help save lives?

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Alex Guazzo

The Hidden Power of Photoshop Elements

A great resource for those learning and those who already think they know Photoshop Elements.


The Hidden Power of Photoshop Elements 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, by Richard Lynch via kwout


This is the main reason I don't "do" facebook apps

Koobface, Other Worms Target Facebook Friends
As posted on Yahoo News

As Facebook works to make itself more relevant and timely for its growing member base with a profile page makeover, attackers seem to be working overtime to steal the identities of the friends, fans and brands that connect though the social-networking site.

Indeed, Facebook has seen five different security threats in the past week. According to Trend Micro, four new hoax applications are attempting to trick members into divulging their usernames and passwords. And a new variant of the Koobface worm is running wild on the site, installing malware on the computers of victims who click on a link to a fake YouTube video.

The Koobface worm is dangerous. It can be dropped by other malware and downloaded unknowingly by a user when visiting malicious Web sites, Trend Micro reports. When attackers execute the malware, it searches for cookies created by online social networks. The latest variant is targeting Facebook, but earlier variants have also plagued MySpace.

Koobface's Wicked Agenda

Once Koobface finds the social-networking cookies, it makes a DNS query to check IP addresses that correspond to remote domains. Trend Micro explains that those servers can send and receive information about the affected machine. Once connected, the malicious user can remotely perform commands on the victim's machine.

"Once cookies related to the monitored social-networking Web sites are located, it connects to these Web sites using the user log-in session stored in the cookies. It then navigates through pages to search for the user's friends. If a friend has been located, it sends an HTTP POST request to the server," Trend Micro reports.

Ultimately, the worm's agenda is to transform the victim's computer into a zombie and form botnets for malicious purposes. Koobface attempts to do this by composing a message and sending it to the user's friends. The message contains a link to a Web site where a copy of the worm can be downloaded by unsuspecting friends. And the cycle repeats itself.

An Attractive Face(book)

Malware authors are investing more energy in Facebook and other social-networking sites because that effort pays off, according to Michael Argast, a security analyst at Sophos. Facebook alone has more than 175 million users, which makes it an attractive target.

"Many computer users have been conditioned not to open an attachment from an e-mail or click a link found within, but won't think twice about checking out a hot new video linked to by a trusted friend on Facebook," Argast said.

Argast called the Koobface worm a mix of something old and something new. The new is using social networks as a method to spread malware. The old is using fake codec Trojans linked to a saucy video to induce the user to install the malware.

Argast said people can protect themselves by running up-to-date antivirus software, restricting which Facebook applications they install, thinking twice before clicking on links from friends and never, never installing a codec from some random Web site in the hopes of catching some celebrity in a compromised situation.

"I would expect to see more attacks on Facebook," Argast said. "As long as this is a successful propagation method, the bad guys will double down and invest more. They are entirely motivated by financial gain. If it pays, they'll continue to romp in your social playgrounds."

Field Trip! Blue Moon Children's Theatre

The show was fantastic! Ashley Academy first grade attended The Three Little Pigs show yesterday at the Blue Moon Dinner Theatre . The kids thought the wolf was hilarious and they laughed a lot during the show. During intermission they ate freshly baked cookies (made by the wolf himself). After the show they were able to meet the actors both in character and out. They asked some great questions and were very inquisitive about how things worked. They did not learn the secret of how the wolf blew the houses down, but were invited to attend the children's theatre workshops this upcoming summer to learn all about the secrets of the theatre.
We also learned that their teacher, Mrs. Owens, was in the theatre when she was in school. She may even be trying out for the Blue Moon sometime soon! They have an upcoming show she may be just perfect for!
They did get to see the set change from the pigs to the I Do, I Do set. Go see it! Only one more week!!!
The children were very well behaved and we even ate lunch there. We brown bagged it but the Blue Moon is going to start serving lunches in the near future!

Secret cheat sheets of lines...don't tell anyone!


Spring has finally arrived here in TN. The dafs are sprouting, the grass is getting greener, and my allergies are kicking in!

We had our share of sickness these past 3 weeks. Alex missed a whole week of school again, so did Jeff. I suffered with Jeff for about a week of a sinus infection. We are all pretty healthy again YAY!

Here is a recap of February...I got kinda lazy (or busy with other things).

Jeffrey making his Valentine bag for school.

At the preschool Valentine party they made cards, candy bracelets, ate hot dogs and cupcakes.

Jeffrey gave Miss Kim a great big hug!

Alex's class went to Into the Fire to make pottery for the Annual Auction.

Alex's class had a Valentine Love lunch for the families.

And Peanut tried to run away again, sadly he doesn't like to step on grass so he didn't get very far! These photos were taken on February 8th! I just love TN weather!