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M.O.G. Kids, Inc. is a children's educational product development company that creates, publishes and supplies original pre-school children's books that include accompanying toys and apparel, and educational CD ROM and Internet content. The Pretendables by M.O.G. Kids line broadly comprises a serial collection of children's role-playing books in the cartoon story genre. The book line comprises a unique “set” of interactive illustrated art content and original toys and costume outfits, all of which correspond to the theme of a particular book story. For the first time, children can completely immerse themselves into a fun filled lifestyle of educational role-playing. Welcome to a world of imagination!


Day without Daddy

Daddy is traveling to Tulsa OK this week. It is day 2 and Alex is a pain in my butt. He was very cranky and bratty today. We went to the fabric store to try to find curtain material for the nursery. No luck, then to Target to try there again, nothing. Then we went to Lowes to get propane for the grill. After that to the dreaded McDonald's playland. I did MC paperwork while Alex played.

He watched the Pooh Heffelump movie that arrived in the mail today from Netflix. He is watching it again now and trying to go to sleep.

Mom called to let me know she drove to VA this afternoon to rescue my grandmother again. She is apparently dying again. We will see.

Our tv satelite was out for a few days due to a circuit breaker being tripped, we also had a flood because the same plug was for the heat/AC condensation pump. The joy of home ownership!

Oh well, more tomorrow.


Memorial Day photo

A new photo of myself and Alexander! This was taken in NJ by Aunt Tanya at Grandma & Grandpas house on Memorial Day weekend.

Alex's Birthday - I know I am early

I have been planning Alex's birthday party. I know I won't feel like doing it in a couple of weeks. We are doing a Thomas the Train Theme. It is one of his favorites.

I have also been working on his wish lists for gifts. Very hard for the kid who has everything. Although there is a difference in intelligence for toys these days. He is doing puzzles all the time, 100 piece ones too.

Birthday Wish Lists

Amazon http://amazon.com/gp/registry/E7PXZNLDVIPN

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Click here for list link

Gift Certificates -we have no idea what size he will be come winter he is wearing 4T shirts nicely and squeezing into 3T pants cause the 4Ts are too long.

Play Doh - just plain we have enough gadgets

Hope these ideas help those who need suggestions. And we hope you all can make it to the party (probably being held on Sept 3rd Labor Day Weekend).

Binky Day 3

There is one slight problem with no binky during nap time, there is NO NAP TIME! Alex was fighting the naps as it was but now there is no reason to go lay down during the day. Just when I am needing naps again, I knew this would happen.

Our builder came to visit this morning to tell me he was going to fill in the swamp/river/lake on our property line so our fence can get built this coming week. I was happy, until he came back after dumping a truck or two of dirt and then spreading it and almost sinking his machine in the mud....he needs to start all over and get a bigger machine to dig with. It is so muddy it will never drain right if they don't do it over.

So another couple weeks without a fence!!!


Binky Day 2

Well, it is morning and he didn't wake up all night! I am shocked. We are off to the Water Park today while daddy works on a presentation for his trip tomorrow to Tulsa.

Alex went to bed without Binky again. He did ask for it once, but I told him it was just gone. He did wake up early this morning talking in his sleep and he went back on his own.

We did not make it to the water park, because boys who poop in their pants don't go the waterpark. We ran some errands around town instead to get out of the house. We played outside for a little while in the pool and the sand table.

It was an early night, we have no tv this weekend, our satelite went out on Thursday and it is going to be fixed this week. Catching up on movies I rented from Blockbuster online instead of crappy tv.


Breaking the Binky Day 1

Well this evening I just felt like taking that disgusting binky away from Alex. It was absolutely gross. He has only been using it to sleep for about 10 months now, so it hasn't been an issue. Since his 3rd birthday is right around the corner I thought now would be a great time to break him. Especially before baby gets here.

He only cried for about 15 minutes and then I went in and was telling him to count to 20 over and over again (something to do with his mouth). It worked! He got tired enough and finally fell asleep. It is now approaching 1 hour of sleep we will see what happens when he awakes in the middle of the night and I have to explain to him that binky is gone. Wish me luck.

On the potty training front, all is not well! We have been very lazy this week about pooping and have had some wetting accidents because we are too busy playing toys. Hopefully it will go better this week.