Baby's first nap in his bed

They grow up so fast. I tried again to get Jeff to sleep in his toddler bed. He kept getting out and playing but finally he crawled in by himself and fell asleep. Didn't sleep as long as he usually does but I suppose I am lucky he slept at all.
The other pictures are of the nursery all put together. It has since turned into a toddler room. The crib was gone for good July 2007.


Oswald Blue

After 2 yrs I finally painted Alex's room. He picked out the color when he was 2 1/2. He is now 4 yrs old! He loves it, but boy does it still stink. I wonder if it is because the paint is so old.
Oh well...if you love the color it is Oswald Blue at Lowes Nick Jr collection.

Gangster Baby Addicted to Sweet Tea