Working and planning

So I have been working these past two weeks on web design stuff. I am excited and feel like I have a purpose again. I really enjoy helping people get their business online. I am almost done with my real website as well. I am going to actually start designing and building for a part time job. So if you know anyone that needs a website or even a banner ad I am your gal!

Oh and I started and ETSY store too. This is a place where you sell handmade goods. You can see the little banner to the right of what is in my store. Click on the banner to take you there.

The kids are going to camp next week (just day camp). I hope to post some of their fun online soon. They have been playing in the backyard on the slip and slide almost every day. We are not going to join the pool this year as we are vacationing at least two weeks this summer and we can go to the state park pools just a short drive away for a lot less $$.

Tball is over for Alex, we are having a trophy party tomorrow for his team at the park. It should be fun. Jeff has one more game then who knows what his lame ass coach will do for the team. Probably nothing.

The pen pal group I started on facebook has been launched. I am still trying to match up a few kids but should have that done by the end of the day today. I am thrilled with the response I got, I can't wait to see how it goes. I should offer some prizes or something. Hmmmm...the most letters sent, the longest letter sent, the least, etc. LOL

I am counting down the days till my MWSC trip. That is a retreat I am going on with my online friends from www.scrapbookeronline.com. I am so excited to meet all the ladies I have been chatting with online for almost 2 yrs now. We have shared our photos, our troubles, and our joys. It is such a welcoming group and I am so appreciative of my friend Leslie to have invited me to join them.

I think I need to get back to work now. Almost done with my site. Hopefully can launch it later today.

Ciao people!


Well our first day of summer break has come and gone. I barely survived. I told the boys today that we were going to do something special. And in this order we were going to get to it!
1. Food Shopping
2. Lunch
3. Movie (UP!)

So the food shopping was a disaster since they just can't stop fooling around and not behaving. I threatened to not go to the movies several times and it went in one ear and out the other. A kind older gentleman on line at the checkout just looked at me and said "I know how it is...I have 4 boys", of course I asked if he wanted two more?

So off we went back home to unload groceries...Jeff screams I WANT TO GO TO THE MOVIE! NOT HOME!
So back to the plan...I tell him once again
1. Food Shopping
2. Lunch
3. Movie (UP!)

He calms down after the threat of not going at all.
Get home, put stuff away, slap 2 PB&H sandwiches together with some fruit snacks, cupcakes, and popcorn. Back in the car we go. Eating lunch on the way to the movies. (It was 20 miles from our house so they did have time to eat)
Quick stop at Big Lots (tip from a friend, thanks Abbie!) Got me some Thickers for $2.00! HOLY ALPHAS BATMAN! We even scored for the kid, Alex got a DS game for getting all O's on his report card.
Then off to the movie we went. We met our friends, the Keelings there. All the kids loved the movie. The adults did too. It was really cute. I enjoyed the colors in the film. Very inspiring for me to use some of those colors the next time I sit and scrap.

After the movie, we went home for all of 30 minutes to then go to Al's tball game. We stayed for a while until the giant flies started biting. I hate bugs!

Tomorrow is possibly a water park day...we will see!