I am happy to say I was not forced to watch the superbowl for the first time in 10 yrs...but I will secretly admit that I did watch the last quarter. I just had to watch it was the NY Giants ya know. Being a Jersey girl they are our home team. I actually saw my first football game in Giants stadium, even if it was a college game.

Since that game my dear husband has made me learn way too much about the game (both pro and college). So I am really happy that the cheater Patriots lost and it is a sweet bonus that Randy Moss lost too.

Congrats to all my Jersey friends who were routing for the Giants...and those of you that weren't, sucks to be you!


Fireman Jeff

What a ham. Jeff has gotten to be so damn funny these days. He has a slapstick sense of humor. When Alex was this age he was more sarcastic in his humor. He is starting to say more words every day and using his signs to help communicate. He still screams alot but it is getting better.
Today it was raining so we broke out the rain coat. And we couldn't forget the rain boots. He loved it and posed pretty before we left for school. I should take a pic of him after school. He resembles "Doc" from Back to the Future. His hair is always sticking up and he has that crazy look in his eyes.
Last night we had terrible wind (60mph). I felt like we were in Delaware again. When I say everything that was on my patio is now all over the yard, I am not exagerating. At least all the chalk is gone from the patio. Tomorrow should be a warm day so we will be outside as much as we can be. The chalk will be back but the boys will be thrilled to get out.