Spring Portraits - Jeffrey

These were taken by Britney at Sears in JC Mall. She was great with him. He has a really short attention span and like clowning for the camera. If you go to get photos there tell them I sent you. You may get a special freebie.
I did a little photoshop editing of my own after I got these home.


I found some cool jewelry and an old friend...

I am so happy to share this with everyone. I found an old friend on facebook and I am so happy to see her successful business booming on the net and in a real store too!
We used to work together at that big nasty bank in Wilmington, DE back in 2001. Holly's mom started this business and she joined her in 2001. Give it a look, and if you order anything tell her I sent you!


Grilled Cheesecake!

If you have never seen this blog, you must add it to your reader. It will make you hungry! I must try this dessert!


Pen Pal Group

For all my friends and family out there that have school age kids (7-10) rising 1st graders to 3rd graders...come join our pen pal group on facebook and we will start this summer with a great way to keep kids interested in writing (an art that is slowly dying).
With the age of texting and emailing, kids are not learning the importance of the written word. Let's help them see how much fun it can be.

We will make a list of all participants and I will match them up in pairs (age based). I think this would be a wonderful project for our kids to get to know each other (offline) like a paper facebook! LOL I invited a lot of my friends that I think meet this criteria, but I am posting it here as well. It will be an invite only group so email me or leave me a comment here, or go to facebook and leave a message on my wall requesting an invite.

I know I would feel a lot safer if my kid was pen pal(ing) with someone I know at least through a friend of a friend. :-)


Facebook | Pen Pal Group via kwout


Thanks - Jump Rope for Heart

$1,687 was raised for the American Heart Association when Ashley students participated in Jump
Rope for Heart! The top money raiser was Alex Guazzo in 1st grade. The top money raising class
was 1st grade. The school will receive a $100 gift certificate to be used for purchasing PE


Cousins...double trouble

My nephew Collin and and son, Jeffrey. They are almost exactly a year apart and boy are they going to be heart breakers when they are 18 yrs old! Just some photos taken outside in my Grandma's yard.

My niece, Macayla's first softball game.

Easter Egg Hunt at Alex's school.

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