Pen Pal Group

For all my friends and family out there that have school age kids (7-10) rising 1st graders to 3rd graders...come join our pen pal group on facebook and we will start this summer with a great way to keep kids interested in writing (an art that is slowly dying).
With the age of texting and emailing, kids are not learning the importance of the written word. Let's help them see how much fun it can be.

We will make a list of all participants and I will match them up in pairs (age based). I think this would be a wonderful project for our kids to get to know each other (offline) like a paper facebook! LOL I invited a lot of my friends that I think meet this criteria, but I am posting it here as well. It will be an invite only group so email me or leave me a comment here, or go to facebook and leave a message on my wall requesting an invite.

I know I would feel a lot safer if my kid was pen pal(ing) with someone I know at least through a friend of a friend. :-)


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