This weekend we are visiting the "Big City" here in East TN, Knoxville. We went to the zoo yesterday (all day) and had a great time. The boys were well behaved and had a blast seeing elephants, zebras, giraffes, lions, bears, and so much more. This was a REAL zoo unlike the few we have seen to date in other parts of the country (Bergen County NJ & Roanoke VA).

We actually came to KnoxVegas for the first of many I think University of TN games. Tony had planned the trip way back to just take Alex to the game and at the last minute one of my MOMS Club buddies told us her DH was going too with Alex's friend Dominic. So it was great that Alex had a buddy all day to hang with. Jeff and Dominic's little brother and his mom, Michelle, went back to our hotel while the boys were at the UT game. We let the kids play a bit after being trapped in strollers all day at the zoo they were happy to get around themselves. Then we went to dinner, big night out at Applebee's. (Sorry Gabe and Steph, I think I am banning them after that meal our server was an IDIOT). After dinner we came back to the hotel and tried to get the babies to sleep after they were wired on sugar and lack of naps, it was not easy.

The boys came home really late but they said it was a great game after all. They were expecting UT to blow out Air Force but they held strong till the end...UT won by 1 point!

We are off to Dollywood today. Since everyone is so tired it will be a quick trip to the kiddie rides and maybe a splash at the "spray ground". I can't wait till it is Christmas in Dollywood, we missed it last year and plan to get there this year!

Have a great week everyone.