Do you know what Thirty One Gifts are?

The first time I saw the products of Thirty One Gifts was at my son's preschool in TN.  All the kids had the insulated lunch bags with their names embroidered on them.  They looked so cute all lined up on the cubbies.   I never did get anything there in TN but something prompted me to seek out a rep online to order one of the really cool Skirt Purses they sell.   It is such a brilliant concept for someone who likes to match/change their purse but hates emptying it out.  You buy the black or brown base purse and then additional skirts for them.  They slip on like a pillowcase and have 4 hook and eye clips on each side of the purse with 4 snaps on the band.  It is such fun.  I ordered them without ever touching them in person.  I was very happy with what I got in the mail! 

Well after loving the purse, I have decided to dabble in selling it here in MA.  There aren't a lot of reps here and with all the Vera Bradley I see around it should sell well.  The prices are FAR less and frankly I think the quality is way better. 
I absolutely love all of their purses and the lunch bags. I can't wait to do my first party...who will be FIRST?

This special in February is too good to be true! We've never done this before: for EVERY $31 you spend, you get your favorite item - ANY item - at 31% off! That means if you spend $62, you'll get 2 items at 31% off and so on. Whether you need a cute new purse, a Beach Towel for your vacation, or a Thermal Tote to pack summer lunches in, it's up to you. What a great way to start shopping from our new catalog! You'll definitely want to take advantage of this fantastic special. Can't wait to hear what items YOU'D like to buy!


My launch party is going on this week and next...if you want to place an order please just let me know or order online.  Click this link to go to the launch party. http://www.mythirtyone.com/shop/catalog.aspx?eventId=E521878&from=DIRECTLINK