Such a big boy

He is not even 3 yet and he looks so grown up with the new haircut.
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Go take a rest!

I think I really know a few people (including myself) that might need to download this!



So after all the fret about the $700 billion dollar buy out from the government, this is what I see on my yahoo front page today. I understand that this is a teaser thing to get you to apply for the LendingTree Quickmatch, but seriously? Isn't this type of marketing what got us here in the first place?

"Mortgage rates have dropped below 5.5% APR." $225,000 for $1,242/mo. No SSN required. LendingTree® Quickmatch"


Weekend in the Burgh

Let's just say Whitney and I felt like we were a modern day "Jon and Kate" with the 5 kids at the science center on Saturday. I lost count of how many bathroom breaks we took and we really needed one of those ropes with the rings for the kids to hang on to!
We had a great weekend visiting with the Fleming family in Pittsburgh! We did the Zoo, the Carnegie Science Center, and met up with friends at the North Park Lounge Clubhouse.
More pics later...gotta get to bed.

Vote for a friend...

Take a minute of your time and vote for our friend's theatre in Pittsburgh.


There was an old lady...

Who swallowed a bat...this is Jeffrey and Big Grandma (my grandma) reading. He loves listening to her read.

Turning Two


Collin turned 2 this past weekend! Jeffrey and I drove to VA to celebrate with him. Daddy and Alex stayed home for a boys weekend full of Sonic, Burger King, soccer games, and playstation.
Here are some of the highlights of the weekend.

Chris and Collin, Collin on the fire truck, the new deck and Lesley's house, Collin and Chris with the firehose.

All Lesley's kids.
Justin (age 14) and Collin, Macayla (age 10) and our step cousin, Ashley (age 12) and step cousin, Jeffrey (age 2.9)

My Aunt Christy and Timmy on the fire truck, Steve and Christy, the kids, Pop Pop Steve and Collin, Collin, Cake, Jeff and Ashley, Collin and Jeffrey playing piano, holding hands

Duplicate photos...I am not awake yet. Collin kicking ball, twins (step cousins 11 months), Amber Lynn (step cousin age 3), Jim (the man who built our train table LOL), Sue and Chris opening presents, Pin the ice cream on the cone, Katherine (friend)
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Flying Elephants!

Ok, so this is quite possibly the scariest ride I go on these days. These stupid elephants can go up and down while you whirl around in a circle but I choose to hold in the button and stay up. Jeff has not figured it out yet that we can "bounce" up and down. I hate rides, so we will keep this a secret for as long as I can or until he is 48" tall and can ride by himself.
Our September Dollywood trip.

Sharks vs. Tigers

This is Alex's first soccer game. He played goalie, well I think he was supposed to be playing goalie. I love the super fan with me on the sidelines. And of course that is Dear old Dad (DH) coaching.


Alex's real birthday

Day at the park

So I now need to find something to do with Jeff everyday since I pulled him out of preschool. Long story don't feel like telling it again. We discovered a new park in our town. It was adorable. He was having a great time until he burned his butt on the slide. We will visit again in the morning.
Enjoy the pics.

My Dream Car

Ok, so I was filling up the tank this afternoon at the local supermarket and this was 3 pumps down from me! How cool is this? I actually stopped and talked to the guy and asked if I could take a picture. He is restoring this beautiful '57 Chevy Station Wagon. This is my dream car. My dad had the Nomad for years but I hated that it had no windows...this is the one I want when I grow up! I was actually giddy...Jeff thought it was WAY COOL too. He loves old cars. I should have taken his name, my sister called me minutes later and told me Dad still has parts for this car in her shed! Some things never change.

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IBC Awareness

Thought I would spread the awareness. This is a very informative video please pass it on to all the women in your life. (Young girls too!) One girl died at 16 yr old because of this.http://komonews.s3.amazonaws.com/ibc/komo_ibc.wmv