This is all the stuff that went OUT!!!

This is the improved garage. I am still waiting for a closet organizer to come in at the Walmart to finish up the "mud room" area. Blank wall next to tractor.

Jeff having a blast in the cool garage riding his bike. There is too much furniture on the patio to ride back there.

I am so proud of my skills...I hung this pegboard and shelf today all by myself. Even used those cool screws that have the butterfly thingy on them to hold on to the sheet rock.

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A Boy, A Bike, and A Belly

This is my baby (not so much anymore) riding his big boy bike all by himself. This took about 3 times riding it to figure out. He is so coordinated. And he is hilarious sometimes. The other day he was hiding his blankies under his shirt to escape with them out of his room (he has to pass by daddy "the blankie,binky stealer"). He came downstairs to show me and he was showing off for the camera.

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New York hates Pennies

Pennies - Hilarious videos

1 cent back to school items.......
go here to find 1cent back to school deals and some videos (guy in new york trying to pay for things with pennies) some 1cents items only available in store others are bxgx for1cents


Now this makes me want another cat

How freaking cute is this kitten???? It needs a home (freecycle post here in JC).

New addition to the Guazzo family

OK, so my DH finally took the plunge and bought a "big boy" car. We are the proud new owners of a 2006 KIA Amanti. I love it, it feels like I am driving my mom's old Caddy or the good 'ol Lincoln Continental we used to have. Now hopefully he will use the fancy features he got with this thing (like the A/C). We are retiring the Saturn after 9 yrs and 105,000 miles. It will be given to my nephew, Justin. He just needs a new transmission and some other minor things.

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Click and Clack - As the Wrench Turns

This has been one of my dad's favorite radio shows for years I think it is hilarious it is a kid show now...and my TIVO picked it up for me! How did it know? Oh wait, I know....As the WORLD Turns is my favorite soap! WOW that Tivo is SMART...


Dora and Diego

Dora + Diego should be tied up, left in their little jungle and mauled by jaguars.

special thanks to, jeff newsom for creating this


Saw this at the gym yesterday

At last!!! We finally have the answer to the age old question - just what to do with the skid-marked tighty whiteys?!?!

Ok, really didn't see this at the gym. But it was so funny I had to share.
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7 Drunkest Cities in America

                Now on my list of relocation possibilities. 


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Most cities can claim plenty of bars, liquor stores, and hard-partying residents. But according to government data, some metropolitan areas do a lot more drinking than others. Which cities are the most sloshed? The answers might surprise you (several towns known for their nightlife, like Miami and New Orleans, didn't even make our list). Read on as we reveal the seven drunkest cities in America.





And yet another trip to Pigeon Forge

I am not sure why I am not absolutely sick of this stupid place. The kids love it so I guess we need to go while they think it is cool.
We visited some new places on Saturday. The Nascar racetrack park was cool, but not worth the $$ until your kid is well over 49" tall. Alex is only 47 1/2. So he only got to do one driving thing by himself. And of course I missed a picture because Jeff was pitching a fit and we went inside for a few minutes. Jeff had fun on the baby rides but wanted to ride the big cars...that was the fit.

After the blazing hot NASCAR park we headed to the resort. Check in was delayed and we had to kill a 1/2 hour. So what better way than to hit the Scrapbook Superstore. For some sill reason they have bears outside for a family photo op. My DH takes terrible pictures.
After picking up some Stickles (which I am now addicted to) we headed to the resort and pool.
Alex showed off his new skills to dad and Jeff tried to follow along. Then it was back to the room and watch the race. Jeff likes to watch "Shimmy Shohnson" and "Feff Gordon" race every week. The kids love playing with the stupid phone more than toys in the hotel room.

On Sunday we went to breakfast at Bob Evan's (waited way too long for pancakes). I would highly recommend the stuffed pancakes though.
As we were in the restaurant it started to pour. We were still going to go to Dollywood. They had plenty of shows to enjoy indoors and we knew everyone would be there later in the afternoon after the rain passed. We got to see the Kraft Brothers (Zaboomafoo PBS). It was an awesome show. They had a baby zebra and a real porcupine.

After that show we headed over to the other show in the 50's section of the park. The boys got to really look around because we were not waiting on line for any rides (most were closed due to the rain). We saw the Dreamland Drive Inn show. It was very well done. If you get a chance go see it. They loved the show (we saw most of it...of course we had to make a potty break during it).

Then we played in the giant tree house and ball shooter game. Who says tough guys can't wear pink...look at Al's camo hat and crocs...he is a master on that airgun!

Well, I don't suppose we will be back to DW until September or October. I may hit it once during the week for a day trip but no more overnights until the fall.

Enjoy the photos.


Git yer Duke on

After the ordeal of my sister's car being in the shop for an extra 2 days longer than she planned to be in TN they finally left on Wednesday afternoon...Duke's of Hazard style. They had so much crap to take home they had to borrow my roof thing. Problem is without a roof rack, you need to strap it to the door frames. Chris used the opportunity to "get his Duke on"...YEE HAW!

Photoshop Friday - shaZAM

Pretty cool effect. I will be playing with this often.





Free Cookie from Cookies By Design


Photoscape- Free photo editing software

For those of you who can't afford photoshop this looks like a pretty cool knockoff. Click the link at the bottom to download.


Polish Peeping Tom's

I am not sure why these babies spent so much time naked this past week but they sure did have fun outside in the water and dirt. We even gave them a shower (soap and all) out on the patio.

My Gallery @ Scrapbooker Online

Check out my online gallery of scrap pages. I love getting comments from fellow scrappers that are so much more talented than I am. Enjoy and check back often.

Yahoo Messenger beta 9.0

Go check it out...cool new features. My screen name is just my first and last name (no spaces) if you want to add me.

Yahoo Messenger beta 9.0

Publisher's description

From Yahoo: Yahoo Messenger allows you to see when friends are online and you can send them instant messages. It can also alert you to new mail in your Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Personals account, or when you have an upcoming meeting recorded in Yahoo Calendar. Yahoo Messenger offers firewall support; a standby mode that minimizes the program until an Internet connection is made; the ability to save and print your conversations; and a tabbed interface that provides quick access to your favorite stocks, news, and sports scores.

Other features include the ability to create a chat room automatically, stock price alerts, the ability to send messages to friends even if they're not online when you are, a Quick Compact mode that hides the Messenger tools to maximize your viewing area, Messenger Themes, and the Online Presence, a small HTML button you can put on your Web site to allow your Yahoo buddies to instantly see if you are currently online, and voice chat, which allows you to talk for free to anybody else on the Internet. If you have a microphone and speakers, you can talk to other people on Yahoo with no long-distance charges.

The May 29, 2008 beta version of Yahoo Messenger 9.0 includes bug fixes and new features, including bigger emoticons, status message improvements, improved contact importing, and language support for Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Venezuela.


5th of July

Today was a rainy crappy cold day. It ruined our plans to go to the pool. Instead we took the kids to Target. They were not thrilled but we bribed them with food and toys. That trip took longer than expected and the little boys needed a nap. We were supposed to go to the Hands On museum but never made it.

After dinner we went to Fun Expedition. The kids had fun there (we left Jeff home since he decided not to nap this afternoon).
Aunt Lesley took Alex in the go-karts. He was thrilled to finally ride in these things. You have to be 5 yrs old and we have not been there since he turned 5. We played mini bowling and Collin was hysterical. He kept chasing the balls down the lane.

Then it was off to the fireworks. We stopped at the Dairy Barn (not Queen) for some ice cream and headed to the funeral home parking lot to watch the sparks fly. It was a good day.