And yet another trip to Pigeon Forge

I am not sure why I am not absolutely sick of this stupid place. The kids love it so I guess we need to go while they think it is cool.
We visited some new places on Saturday. The Nascar racetrack park was cool, but not worth the $$ until your kid is well over 49" tall. Alex is only 47 1/2. So he only got to do one driving thing by himself. And of course I missed a picture because Jeff was pitching a fit and we went inside for a few minutes. Jeff had fun on the baby rides but wanted to ride the big cars...that was the fit.

After the blazing hot NASCAR park we headed to the resort. Check in was delayed and we had to kill a 1/2 hour. So what better way than to hit the Scrapbook Superstore. For some sill reason they have bears outside for a family photo op. My DH takes terrible pictures.
After picking up some Stickles (which I am now addicted to) we headed to the resort and pool.
Alex showed off his new skills to dad and Jeff tried to follow along. Then it was back to the room and watch the race. Jeff likes to watch "Shimmy Shohnson" and "Feff Gordon" race every week. The kids love playing with the stupid phone more than toys in the hotel room.

On Sunday we went to breakfast at Bob Evan's (waited way too long for pancakes). I would highly recommend the stuffed pancakes though.
As we were in the restaurant it started to pour. We were still going to go to Dollywood. They had plenty of shows to enjoy indoors and we knew everyone would be there later in the afternoon after the rain passed. We got to see the Kraft Brothers (Zaboomafoo PBS). It was an awesome show. They had a baby zebra and a real porcupine.

After that show we headed over to the other show in the 50's section of the park. The boys got to really look around because we were not waiting on line for any rides (most were closed due to the rain). We saw the Dreamland Drive Inn show. It was very well done. If you get a chance go see it. They loved the show (we saw most of it...of course we had to make a potty break during it).

Then we played in the giant tree house and ball shooter game. Who says tough guys can't wear pink...look at Al's camo hat and crocs...he is a master on that airgun!

Well, I don't suppose we will be back to DW until September or October. I may hit it once during the week for a day trip but no more overnights until the fall.

Enjoy the photos.


  1. Looks like you made the best of the heat and rain! I am glad that you had a great time but I know what you mean about the place getting on your nerves after a few visits!

  2. We still haven't made our way to DW for a visit.... Maybe this fall...