5th of July

Today was a rainy crappy cold day. It ruined our plans to go to the pool. Instead we took the kids to Target. They were not thrilled but we bribed them with food and toys. That trip took longer than expected and the little boys needed a nap. We were supposed to go to the Hands On museum but never made it.

After dinner we went to Fun Expedition. The kids had fun there (we left Jeff home since he decided not to nap this afternoon).
Aunt Lesley took Alex in the go-karts. He was thrilled to finally ride in these things. You have to be 5 yrs old and we have not been there since he turned 5. We played mini bowling and Collin was hysterical. He kept chasing the balls down the lane.

Then it was off to the fireworks. We stopped at the Dairy Barn (not Queen) for some ice cream and headed to the funeral home parking lot to watch the sparks fly. It was a good day.

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