This is all the stuff that went OUT!!!

This is the improved garage. I am still waiting for a closet organizer to come in at the Walmart to finish up the "mud room" area. Blank wall next to tractor.

Jeff having a blast in the cool garage riding his bike. There is too much furniture on the patio to ride back there.

I am so proud of my skills...I hung this pegboard and shelf today all by myself. Even used those cool screws that have the butterfly thingy on them to hold on to the sheet rock.

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  1. Great job Janice! We can park in our garage no problem and it's not really that crowded but we've been talking how we need to clean it out. I know there are at least 3 pairs of old shoes in there that the kids have outgrown plus other stuff to throw away. Great inspiration! I'm sure your dh is happy.