Binky Day 2

Well, it is morning and he didn't wake up all night! I am shocked. We are off to the Water Park today while daddy works on a presentation for his trip tomorrow to Tulsa.

Alex went to bed without Binky again. He did ask for it once, but I told him it was just gone. He did wake up early this morning talking in his sleep and he went back on his own.

We did not make it to the water park, because boys who poop in their pants don't go the waterpark. We ran some errands around town instead to get out of the house. We played outside for a little while in the pool and the sand table.

It was an early night, we have no tv this weekend, our satelite went out on Thursday and it is going to be fixed this week. Catching up on movies I rented from Blockbuster online instead of crappy tv.

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