Binky Day 3

There is one slight problem with no binky during nap time, there is NO NAP TIME! Alex was fighting the naps as it was but now there is no reason to go lay down during the day. Just when I am needing naps again, I knew this would happen.

Our builder came to visit this morning to tell me he was going to fill in the swamp/river/lake on our property line so our fence can get built this coming week. I was happy, until he came back after dumping a truck or two of dirt and then spreading it and almost sinking his machine in the mud....he needs to start all over and get a bigger machine to dig with. It is so muddy it will never drain right if they don't do it over.

So another couple weeks without a fence!!!

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  1. Getting rid of "binky" is a very trying experience, I remember it well. It's worth it though, your child would be picked on unmercifully if you let him go to college with it.