Day without Daddy

Daddy is traveling to Tulsa OK this week. It is day 2 and Alex is a pain in my butt. He was very cranky and bratty today. We went to the fabric store to try to find curtain material for the nursery. No luck, then to Target to try there again, nothing. Then we went to Lowes to get propane for the grill. After that to the dreaded McDonald's playland. I did MC paperwork while Alex played.

He watched the Pooh Heffelump movie that arrived in the mail today from Netflix. He is watching it again now and trying to go to sleep.

Mom called to let me know she drove to VA this afternoon to rescue my grandmother again. She is apparently dying again. We will see.

Our tv satelite was out for a few days due to a circuit breaker being tripped, we also had a flood because the same plug was for the heat/AC condensation pump. The joy of home ownership!

Oh well, more tomorrow.

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