Happy Birthday to my baby!

I had hoped to spend the day packing and scrapping and celebrating Jeff's 3rd birthday. Instead I spent 4 hrs at urgent care with my 6 yr old who had a fever. Since we are headed to FL on Friday I wanted to be sure it wasn't strep or ear infections. It wasn't...just the nasty flu bug. He was fine until we got home then while laying in our bed YACK! I feel so bad. We had a quick birthday cake and presents for Jeff, but Alex couldn't even make it to the table. We are going to be celebrating in Disney next week with a character lunch for him so we can really hoop it up then!
Oh well. Better birthdays next year.

I just can't believe this little guy is already 3. It is remarkable to me to think this is how old Alex was when Jeff was born. I will try to post some video later. He is a very funny kid.

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  1. It's funny. Some babies change competely but he looks like a "little man" version of his baby shots. Too cute! Happy Birthday once again Jeff. Disney is going to be AWESOME!!! If it's not shut down ride PETER PAN for me :)

  2. I know, he hasn't changed a bit. I think because he has always had the same hair too. LOL