Treats, Turkey, Theatre, Too much shopping and NO TOUCHING!

This has been a very busy two weeks. Last week before my holiday guests arrived I started that dreaded painting project. It is only half way done!
On Saturday the 22nd we went to the Johnson City Christmas parade. We sat in front of the new Blue Moon Dinner Theatre and hung out with Moira, Ed, Eddie, Fiona. We stayed inside to keep warm till the parade came our way. There were lots of vehicles, lots of dancers (that didn't dance), and a few marching bands (not enough). We picked up more candy at the parade than we did on Halloween. We even saw the Ashley Academy Cheerleaders!
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Turkey Lunch

We attended the Thanksgiving feast at Jeffrey's new school on Tuesday. The kids are so cute. They performed some songs for us. Even though Jeff hardly knew any of them because he only started 2 weeks ago, he tried his best with the hand gestures and dancing.

Black Friday
Lesley and I woke up at 4am to go out shopping. I dropped her and Chris off at Walmart so they could fight the hillbillies for some electronics. Then I drove over to Kmart they didn't open till 6am so I jumped across the street to Panera for coffee and bagels. They had a dancing muffin outside to let people know they were open LOL! Kmart was the place I was going to get my LEGOS! I picked up 6 sets and a few other things. Then I ran back over to get Lesley and Chris at Wally World and they were on their 2nd checkout line. After the scores they managed to grab, we sat Chris on the line with the cart/buggy and went shopping again. We just kept coming back and shoving shit in the cart. It was hilarious. After that we hit Kohls. Shockingly it wasn't that bad. Of course by then it was 11am. We ran home for lunch and to pick up grandma Susan and the boys. Then out to do it all over again! We crashed at about 3pm and took naps to rest up for our girls night out! I think we spent 24 hrs shopping this whole weekend.

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A Tuna Christmas
This was the highlight of the weekend for me. We attended the full dress rehearsal for the Blue Moon Dinner Theatre. We had such a good time. Good food, good wine, great company and a Fooking Hilarious SHOW!!! I think we were the only non=rednecks in the audience though that thought the jokes were funny. I would love to post a video clip (with permission) but all you can hear is me, my mom, and my sister laughing. If you have the time you must see this show. I am now dying to see all the others in the series.
Here are some photos from the evening.

Holiday Decor!

As soon as our family left on Sunday I took a nap. Then when I woke up we put up the little Christmas tree. I have a 9 ft tree that is not prelit and it takes hours to do up right. So until the boys can really help me (and not just annoy the crap out of me) we are doing the little one.
I didn't get any photos of them decorating (I was too busy trying to prevent them from breaking stuff).Before bed Alex read books to Jeff. It is so cute how he listens to the story.

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From 2008 11 30

From 2008 11 30

Today I put up the Dept 56 village. I spent most of the day explaining to Jeff that he is not allowed to touch it. He was really good, then not 2 minutes after Alex got home there was Lego Indiana Jones flying from the rooftops! Why does a 6 yr old have less common sense than a 3 yr old?

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