Christmas Break - Day 1

So the kids woke up at 8...that was a bonus, since Jeff is usually up at 6:30am. Alex made waffles for himself with syrup and whipped cream. He proceeds to put the whipped cream in the fridge (empty)...so when I get it out for Jeff later he flips our because it is all gone. So as any good mommy would do, she topped Jeff's waffles with ice cream!
They went downstairs to play while I cleaned up the kitchen. Then I got them back upstairs to make chocolate covered pretzels. They loved dipping the pretzel rods and then covering them with sprinkles. Then they realized it is just much easier to dip and eat the pretzels.
Off to play outside until someone comes in crying...that didn't take long. Lunch time...yogurt and peanut butter & honey sandwiches. Now back to the playroom to play Bionicles...'fight, fight, argghhhh, crash, OWWWWW, smash, fight, fight, you killed it...'
I have been trying to make one freaking scrapbook page all day and have not even gotten started. At 4:30 today we have to attend yet another birthday party at Fun Expedition...I absolutely loathe that place. At least this time I don't have to bring Jeff too.
Ok, back to breaking up fights and scrapping.

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