Ok, so it has been 4 yrs since we moved here and I am finally sick of the red paint in my living room that I painted the very first month we lived here. All of the white trim has been abused by my kids and their matchbox cars. If I see Ryan Newman crash into my baseboards again I will have to crush him with my Kia Sedona!
I am starting with the trim and then will prime the red so that when my dear sister comes to visit for Thanksgiving she can help me. If she doesn't help, then NO TURKEY FOR HER!
I got a lot done today. Jeff even helped me wash down all the baseboards. He was pretty good at it. I think it will be his job every week to do it from now on. :-)
I will post pictures when I have it all primed...so we can have a a good before and after.


  1. I LOVED your living room. And dining room. How's stuff going? I miss my Un-PC friend.

  2. I loved it too, for 4 yrs...time for a change. We are good, we miss you too! When are you coming to town next?