Just another day

So last week I found a new school for Jeffrey. He started Tuesday. He loved it! It is a nice program for him. They have 3-5 yr olds all in the same class. This will be great for him since he is used to playing with kids older than he is. On our way there yesterday morning, I got a call from Alex's school. He was in the office "dying" again. He had a fever, stomach ache and headache. So I picked him up and then dropped Jeff off at school. He spent the day sleeping.
Tony is in Tulsa this week. It has been a while since he traveled.
I have been working on a website for some friends this week. I can't wait to see their business on opening night! Check out the site (it will be changing soon). I just have the basics up for now. Ticketing online will be functional soon!

I have yet to download the Disney pictures from my laptop. I am so far behind on stuff like that. I did manage to redesign my blog. It was fun. Now I can play with doing backgrounds for people and maybe selling them!

I also got started on "fall cleaning" today. I started in the living/dining room. I need to get everything painted before the holidays. I am enlisting my sister to help paint on Thanksgiving weekend. I need to bribe her with chocolate cream pie and turkey.

After I paint I need to figure out a way to stop the boys from running their cars into the baseboard trim. It looks like the banks at Bristol...all tarred up from tire marks.

Oh well, off to put the monsters to bed.

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  1. Fall cleaning is way better than spring cleaning! As far as the tire marks...I have no good advice. Remove the wheels from there cars and tell them they are boats? Guess not.