Gearing up for the holidays

Today was nice, Tony took Jeff to school early today so I got to drink my coffee in peace. Then I had yet another dental appointment (probably the 7th of the year). At least it was just a cleaning this time! I should have my own room with a plaque on it at that place. After that I headed to Home Depot to browse while chatting on the phone with my friend Dee. Then I hit Michael's craft store just too look at the holiday decor and scrap stuff. I picked up some chocolate molds to make chocolate covered pretzel rods in the shape of Christmas trees. I think the boys would love to help make them.

Then I called Tony to see if he could meet for lunch but he had already got some and was eating when I called. I headed over to the mall to see if my new glasses were ready and did a lot of walking and window shopping. I was on the hunt for some holiday sweaters for the boys. I need to get their photos done. I haven't gotten professional photos since spring 2007 I think. Other than the school photos they do and Alex's sucked this year so I didn't eve buy any.
So I found really cute sweaters, hats and gloves at Gymboree...I really hate that store (over rated and over priced). But after searching every department store there today that is where I went back to.

So after shopping I went to pick up Jeff and we came home. Now I have to get ready to paint again. I am pretty much done with the trim and now I can start priming the red walls.

I am sitting here now watching DWTS from 2 weeks ago. It still amazes me how well these people can dance. I can't wait to see who wins this year. I still love Warren Sapp. He is amazing and hilarious! Oh well...off I go to feed the kids and start painting.

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