ITCHY & Bitchy

Some of you may have heard about my new itching symptoms. The doctor took blood last week to test for Cholestasis. This is a relatively rare syndrome that results when the flow of bile from the liver is impaired. Bile is a fluid secreted by the liver that passes, via the bile duct, into the intestine where it is essential for the digestion of fats. The many causes of cholestasis produce different symptoms. I only have the itching so far!

FUN FUN FUN....the only cure is delivering baby early.

So with that said, we may have baby earlier than expected. I should know by Tuesday if they are going to want me in there early.
This will be a week to week thing. Every Friday they will be testing the blood to see if it is elevated and then deciding on Monday what to do. I am still scheduled for Oct 19th so it is a waiting game now!

Wish us luck.

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