Babies and Boogies

Well we have had another busy month. August is finally OVER! Tony traveling to Tulsa, then all of us to NJ, we just got back from Virginia. I am glad it is over for at least a week or two. We are headed off to football travel next week!

In NJ we were able to meet all of the new babies born and spend some time with the babies born last year! Lots of new cousins lately. Then we went to Virginia to celebrate another new baby on his way in a few weeks.

Alex started school on Aug 15th and came home with a nasty infection and got everyone else sick. Jeffrey somehow avoided the worst of it. He has just been super boogery with teething.

I really need to fit this blog into my schedule some way. I just have a hard time finding the time to write with no interruptions.

Anywhoo! I am planning a birthday party for Jeffrey in October some time. We are still working on the date. I wish all of his relatives could come but he has plenty of friends here to attend. It will be a cute baby party.

I think it is feeding time at the zoo and I gotta go feed the monkeys...Ciao!

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