Candy Fest 2007

Ok, so I am home alone here this week (DH is in NC).  I am being a cool mom and let the boys camp out in Jeff’s room.  He is in his new toddler bed so he keeps falling asleep on the floor.  Anyway, I am down in my scrap room/office and head up to go check up on them (or really go grab a beer).  I see that there is a loot bag of candy from a pirate party on the counter that was not there before (in fact it was hidden in an upper cabinet).  SOOOO I go to see if they are asleep and what do I find?


12 lollipop sticks

3 smarties wrappers

And a VERY sticky 19 month old with a happy smile.


I regret that I didn’t take a picture.  I was too busy making sure there were no lollipop (suckers for you southerners) sticks up anyone’s nose.  (we had an incident a few years ago)


Needless to say I kicked some ass and sent that 4 yr old mastermind to bed in his own room. 


Oh the joys of motherhood!  Whose idea was it to have these kids?



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