Jersey Girl finally finds a little slice of heaven here in TN

Ok, so we have a lot of fly by night restaurants here in Johnson City. Especially those that claim to make pizza. I fondly call most pizza here "giant circles of garbage". Well today that has all changed. I am still in disbelief. I found the most awesome NY Style Pizza right here in Johnson City TN! Of course the owners are from Long Island. What is even funnier is that the one brother is the guy who built the house next to us. As that house was going up I swore it was being built by some guido from Little Ferry NJ. LOL I was RIGHT!!! I know my Italian mid century Hudson County architecture.

Ok, so back to the food.

Luke's Pizza
Well what can I say, there was so much oil on my slice that Alex asked why there was water on his pizza? LOL I said just hush up and eat it! Then I burned my gums on it! YAY, pizza burn!

For dessert we had a real live cannoli! Here is the conversation from the kid who ate cannoli's every week when he was 2 and hasn't had one since we moved here.

Alex: What is that white powder?

Mom: It is sugar, trust me you will love it.

Alex: What does that crunchy part taste like?

Mom: It taste like a cookie. Really it is the best dessert on the planet!

Alex: What does the inside taste like?

Mom: Like donut cream filling.

Alex: Hmmm, what are those black things?

Mom: Chocolate chips (as I now shove the last bite of mine in my mouth), just eat it already or I will!

Alex: (takes a bite) Yeah mom, you were right.

Mom: About what?

Alex: It is the best dessert on the planet.

Mom: I know sweetie, now I have yet one more excuse to be fat and happy! Wait till daddy finds out about this place!



  1. What a cute story Janice. And I am sure it will end up on a lo soon...right?

  2. I know...we ate here last week and it was quite possibly the best pizza I've ever had...so good...I didn't get the cannoli's..I got the garlic knots..you know I'm a sucker for bread

  3. oh man, we are lucky here, too, with pizza. i would be going thru withdrawal. i am hading to nj this weekend ;)

  4. That is great! I know where I'll be eating next visit. Could you ask these guys to franchise to VA!