Finally, another basketball game!

No scores to report (because they don't keep score).  The coach (Rick) had to go take an MBA class so he showed up for picture day and then had to leave.  Tony steppped up to coach Jeff's team.  Jeff had a fantastic time, other than one minor accidental tripping of a referee (the ref got the worst of it we think).  He only played the first 2 quarters and then with the bump on his head we didn't want him to play anymore.  He recovered slightly after half-time, but then didn't want to play anymore.  Looking close up at the photos he is smiling in all of them (at least those not with his tongue out). It has been really sad that out of 5 games my boys have only played 2. Two were snowed out and one we were traveling.
Alex had a great game by scoring twice. He had quite a few shots but they didn't all go in. Unfortunately it is kinda tough to practice hoops outside in the snow and freezing rain, and when you have homework to do.  He is really great on defense and is learning every game about offense.  We need to work on dribbling and not looking at the ball.  :-)  I think the only way to do that is to always hold a basketball and be dribbling when you can.  (I learned that from an old friend way back in the 8th grade).
After Jeff's game (which required us to be there at 7:45am for pictures) we headed to the mall for some preview Valentine's day shopping and brunch.
Then after Alex's game at 1:30 we headed for Rita's ice and Sam's Club for Super Bowl food. Tony has a party all by himself.
Jeff was thrilled that the NASCAR Season finally started last night. At least he got to see the new cars/drivers in the Shoot Out race and gear up for Daytona next week.   
YAY!  One sport ends and magically another begins!

I am having trouble imbedding the slideshow, but here is a direct link to the photos.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/janiceandcompany/sets/72157623368650276/show/  

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