April Fools

Well, we had an uneventful April Fools Day. Tony has some fun at work as usual...being the quailty guy he has some pretty sick power over people. Holding up multi million dollar shipments could kinda scare some people...April Fools!

Alex has been just keeping us busier than ever. His sense of humor is a bit on the strange side...wonder where he gets that from? His vocabulary is amazing, more so his personality behind the words. His newest thing is SUPER ALEX...Saves the Day! Too much watching Super Grover on Sesame Street. He loves to draw, paint, color, and use "snips" as he says. I actually let him play with scissors!

We have been able to get outside a few times this month. Last weekend was almost 80 here and we enjoyed every minute of it. Alex helped us seed the lawn and pick rocks out of the ground so daddy wouldn't mow them.

Alex is learning how to hit a baseball and actually doing pretty well. He loves to kick the ball like soccer, he will do that for hours. Daddy has also taught him how to play Grand Theft Auto (which I am not too happy about). He plays his own Playstation downstairs and has his own Dora game that he has figured out pretty well. We go to gymnastics once a week and he is getting so much better at it. He loves his teacher "Whitney Teacher" as he calls her.

Out cats are getting along pretty well. We adopted another cat in December. She was hanging outside our house for a week or so and I let her in the garage to keep warm until I could get Tony to agree to let her in. After a good report at the vet, "Sassy Cat" as Alex named her is now the Queen of the crew. Dogfood has just given up, and Peanut absolutely loves the company. Peanut and Sassy play together constantly...Dogfood will break it up if they get to rough.

Tony is enjoying work still, even though it is very busy. He due for some travel this month.

We are getting out pool finally! It should be done by mid-May. So come on out for a visit!

That is it for now. Gotta try to get Alex to bed, the clock change is going to screw us up royally!

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