A milestone....reward ICE CREAM

Alex went poo poo on the potty today for the first time. I caught him trying to go...not that he hides it well. He actually comes out to the living room and does it in front of us. So I tried to hurry and throw him on the potty before he did it and we got there in time! So he finally got some ice cream...we told him a few days ago that he wouldn't get any more ice cream until he did poo poo on the potty. I don't even care what time of day it is.

Daddy left today for a trip to VA for business and he won't be back till Tuesday night. Then he is off to Tulsa OK on Wednesday night. We miss him already.

Today was a sleepy day, we woke up not feeling too good. Slight head colds, but Alex is coughing too. He slept for a few hours this afternoon and so did I. We went outside after dinner and played bubbles and weed whacked the grass around the patio, something Daddy always forgets to do.

Alex is now downstairs doing water color paints...and probably wearing or drinking the rinse water. So I must go and see what he is up to. Have a great week!

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