Weekend in the mountains...well sort of

We spent another wonderful weekend in Sevierville, Tn. Better known as Dollywood. Our resort was so nice though we barely left. It was almost 100 degrees and waiting on long ride lines was not where my kids wanted to be, so we opted for the pool at the resort. We had ice cream on the balcony and watched the beautiful sunset. Then watched the "city" lights come up. When the lady at check in said I could see the "city lights" from our room I kinda looked at her funny and said "you can see NYC from here?" (just kidding I stole that joke from my DH) But you know I will use it again if anyone ever says that to me in the Smokies again...apparently it is a big deal.
Tony and Alex played miniature golf in the blazing sun and got roasted while Ashley, Jeff and I were at the sprayground. Ashley and I snuck away to go to Walmart but got diverted by the GIANT Scrapbook Superstore right below our balcony! (See picture of strip mall) We also got a chance to go to the Disney Store outlet on Sunday. Then Tony didn't want to be trapped in a room with the kids so we had to go back.
Ashley thought the rides at Dollywood were lame. I wouldn't know, I hate rides. Alex loves them and so does Jeff. If it wasn't so darn hot I would have went on more with Jeff, but we only got to do the cars, bumble bees and piggies. He was happy with that. I suppose the big news was that we lost Alex. He decided to go on the River Rampage again without us. We turned around and he was gone. After searching frantically Tony found him on the ride again, in a raft, ALONE. Never mind that the height requirement is 48" to ride alone and he is only 47". The park attendants were a little suprised he got on the ride. He was already strapped in and "rolling down the river" by the time Tony saw him, so he let him ride and then whoop his ass. He was put on a leash from there on.
We survived yet another trip to the "most visited tourist area in the USA".
OH WAIT....I forgot to mention Alex lost his second tooth while we were there. It is a good thing the tooth fairy has a blackberry to get email.

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  1. I like your new banner - I haven't visited any blogs in a while so it's new to me. :) The sb store in Pigeon Forge is pretty nice! Hey, Dollywood has some good roller coasters - maybe Ashley didn't find them? Glad you had a great weekend.