Show your teacher some appreciation this week!

As we endeavor into adulthood, we often put our student life aside, and that includes our teacher appreciation. We keep it in some archive room in our minds, as we are eager to start a new and fascinating “grown-up” life. But as time goes by it is only natural that we start taking files from that archive. Looking back is very human. Former friends and neighbors, primary and secondary schools, college classmates… teachers.

You may find that you remember a particular teacher more than the others. Think about why you have feelings of appreciation for this teacher. How was that person important to you? How much did you learn about a particular subject, or about life, about being human? Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful for both of you if you sent him or her a few lines, or a small gift? Tell your teacher that you appreciate him or her, that their efforts were rewarded, that you feel you’re a better human being thanks to him or her. Show your teacher appreciation, you won’t regret it! *

I will never forget the first day we met Mr. Gramkow. He showed up as a substitute one day when we were in the 4th grade I think. He came in all of about 100 lbs and 20 yrs. old. He was very tall (IMO when I was in the 4th grade). He got us ready and pulled out a guitar! We were all very shocked but thrilled too. Our regular teacher just used the boring old piano.

He subbed that year and then when we were in the 5th grade he took the job full time. He was my music/choir teacher from 5th grade on through my senior year of high school. He moved with us when we went to "middle school". Needless to say we were thrilled because the high school teacher he was replacing when we moved up there was HORRIBLE.

The picture below is of him conducting our senior choir performance. Most of my high school memories take place in the music room or on that stage you see with that hideous curtain (BLECH). I remember spending hours in the music room practicing for many performances.
I was even his teachers assistant for a year. I used to get passes out of class all the time to "practice" for stuff. I would even eat lunch in the music room upstairs in that little hallway where the practice rooms were.

Anyhooo... I am getting off topic.

I have never forgotten all that he taught me about music and how to be a good person. He was always so kind. I so appreciate all the time he spent in his off hours composing music for us. I think of him so often while watching American Idol...I always say to my husband that arrangement sucked...A.G. could have done so much better with that!

I will never forget A.G. and I really hope that my children are blessed with music teachers that have as much passion as he has, so they too can love music as much as I do.

BTW, I just found him on facebook and it is a thrill to get back in touch.

I suggest you go look up your favorite teacher on facebook and who knows you just may be able to say thank you in person. Otherwise, post a blurb here on my comments about your favorite teacher.

Quote of the day for Teacher Appreciation Week:
“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.”
Robert M. Hutchins


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