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With this Helen Keller inspired challenge, I want you to scrap something you often take for granted. Because her world was void of light, you must use a black background. She also lived without sound so there will be no journaling allowed. Create a title that carries your message…one that is impactful. Finally, use a minimum of 3 raised elements to represent the Braille system.

Ludwig Van Beethoven
For the first part of this challenge you will HAND WRITE lyrics on your layout (at least 20 words). Ok so maybe we aren't going to create anything as grand as the 9th, but we are going to step outside that comfort zone and use our own handwriting to create a wonderful layout.

Next while you have that pen out, you will need to draw on your layout. This can be doodled lines, stitches, designs, a journaling block…whatever you like.


Maya Angelou Challenge...Be Phenomenal

*For this challenge I want you to be inspired by the following poem, Phenomenal Woman. You can choose to interpret this how you choose, just make sure you explain it and it makes sense.
*Dr. Maya Angelou is hailed as a renaissance woman she is a poet, memoirist, novelist, civil rights activist, educator, producer, AND a dramatist and an actor...there for I want to see some DRAMA in your a layout by making part of your layout monochromatic {if you want to do the entire lo monochromatic you may also} but you will see in my example that i did the background and the title BUT it is still a major part of my layout...you may NOT just put one pink flower on another one...I need more than that.
*Also, since Dr. Angelou has 30 honorary degrees, I want to see 30 buttons on your layout.so...to summarize...
1.) use the poem as inspiration
2. )30 buttons
3.) monochromatic "something" that is a good portion of your lo


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