Today's post brought to you by the letters "R" and "G"

Good morning friends!
Ok, so last night I got a little testy about all the facebook status posts about the Privacy settings changing and everyone freaking out about how Google (or any other search engine) can index your Wall and profile info.  So instead of bitching about it I thought I would share some of my (not so impressive) knowledge.  However the sad part is I am not a facebook expert or even a hacking guru (like some of my BFF's).  I learned from my parents at a very early age the answer to all my questions was "GO LOOK IT UP!".  So now I tell myself, my kids, my own mom, and yes my facebook friends..."Google that shit!"

Some really smart and lonely people actually provide "free" help for facebook on their blogs. (I suppose I am now one of them) :-(

My favorite hot spot to find answers to most of my questions is eHow...how to do just about everything]

Then here is what I found just by a regular old Google search. 

Mark Mayhew (creator of facebook) has his own tips page, but obviously does a poor job advertising it.   http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5457960557&ref=mf

This Data Doctors Online Radio Show
This looks pretty interesting, weekly shows covering all sorts of topics of computers and technology.

Demeanour: A Guide To Facebook Etiquette
New rules for surviving the digitally connected world.

This blog is more tongue and cheek, rather than a 'formal' quest for knowledge and should be treated as such.

This morning's message is brought to you by the letter "R" for read directions and "G" for "Go look it up!" or "Google that shit" before you post on facebook.

(Picture credit: Some dude I stopped to pose for me at Universal Studios in Orlando last year. Google was obviously having a private party that night.  I should have crashed it.)

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