Flat Stanley - goes to Butler and Wanaque NJ

So it seems that Stanley had to go and check out what all the hype was about over there at that Lakeland Regional High School...rumors were flying on facebook and he just wanted to be sure Gramps had everything under control! He got there just in time to help Grandpa prepare for the budget election!

Here is the note from Grandma Katie:

Hello Alex,
Stanley got here Saturday. He went with Grandpa Al to help run the school. It's in Wanaque, NJ. He wore a suit and helped Grandpa get ready for the budget election.
Then he went with me to take care of your cousin Michael. He colored and slept there too. He wore his Pitt sweatshirt and jeans there. We were in Butler, NJ then.
It is in-between spring and summer weather here. One week it is 90 degrees and the next 50 degrees. Our spinach and lettuce is starting to come up in the garden, but we won't put in the tomatoes and peppers and things until Mother's Day.
No postcards of Oakland are available. We are a great community of about 16,000 people about 35 minutes west of New York City so we get the best of all possible places. We were settled in the 1600's before there was a USA. Grandpa's people lived here when it was still called The Valley of The Ponds. Ponds meant Dutch churches not the water ponds. George Washington stopped here at the Van Allen House because it was on the road to Morristown where he had a camp. We are about 632 miles from Jonesboro and you know it is a very long ride to there.
I'm including some of Flat Stanley's pictures from here.
Let me know if you need the actual pictures and FS back and I will send them to you asap.
Grandma Kathie

Hard at work!  Stanley was checking out the website.

Stanley admiring all those grand babies!  

Who are these funny looking kids?

Stan hanging out with cousin Michael looking chill in his Pitt gear!

After a long day nothing is better than a nap...

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  1. Grandma Susan4/24/2010

    Too cute Grandma Kathie and Grandpa Al. Flat Stanley had a busy day!