Home Improvements

So the time has finally come for us to leave TN. Not sure where we are going but we are moving on up...as they say.  Tony is on some interviews this week in Mishawaka, IN and Clinton, MA.  More are being set up for NC, and I think Pittsburgh (but don't get too excited about any of them yet).  It is like a roller coaster to say the least, kind of in the fun way.

We decided to rent our current home out and are preparing it for rental in the next 6 weeks. My wonderful ex-brother in-law came to do some work for us this week while his kids had spring break. He brought my niece Ashley with him. She has been enjoying the peace I think away from her siblings. :-) So if you know any families moving to the Tri-Cities area and looking to rent check out my house!

He got the deck re-surfaced and bolted it into the house (yes for 5 yrs I have never let anyone stand on it).  And he did most of the floor downstairs yesterday (ripped out carpet and put laminate down) he is finishing the trim and stuff today.

I am so grateful for his talent and speed with these types of things.  I can never find anyone around here to work.  I know my mom and sister are probably wishing he were there doing their "list" (see photos below) but I needed him more this week.

Pouring the sidewalk.
I think this is a redneck fire pit.

Building sandboxes

Trimming Trees

He and Ashley will be back in VA just in time to jump into the new pool!

Well I hope to get my ass in that pool some time this summer even if we are moving and looking for a new house!  I may be living in the sun room with the kids for a few weeks!  


  1. DJ wants to build that same sandbox. Well on a large scale since it will have to hold like 10 kids. LOL My sister is talking about moving out here. She will be here in a couple of weeks. Maybe I can talk her into renting your house! That would be awesome.

  2. So you know where Mishawaka, IN is right? :) Irish Country. It's also where my family is from! There is a KICK ASS bakery he must check out- West End Bakery. Make him stop and get a doughnut and some bread. Best cakes around. Will make you feel like you're in a REAL bakery! If something pans out there, let us know and we can help guide you in the right direction school and house wise. Cost of living is cheap.

    I will let anyone I know trying to rent a house know. I have one or two friends I think will be looking.

  3. Would LOOOOOVE to have your snarkiness up here in MA. We can turn the boys loose in the backyard and sit on the patio sipping blender drinks.

  4. Sadly the IN one does not sound great...but the MA one is looking good. He would pick that one over IN for sure if offered both. Crossing fingers...and Sue I will fire up the blender for sure!