Migrating North

At some point in May Tony was offered a job with a company called Nypro located in Clinton, MA.  He was due to start on June 1st so we decided to take a trip to Hershey Park, PA.  Actually the trip had been scheduled to go to PA and NJ for a few months but his reunion in PA had been cancelled.  Since we had already booked hotel rooms and couldn't get our $$ back we made it a mini vacation.  So we skipped the last day of school and headed north with Dad's car packed with all his stuff and me and the kids in the van following him.  The plan was to get to Hershey and then split up after the trip.  He headed north and I headed south to my mom's to drop off the boys so I could go back to TN and get the house packed up for the move.

Here are a few photos of the Hershey trip.  I think the real ones are on my laptop (in Massachusetts) and I forgot to upload them to Flickr.
We wound up meeting two old friends from my high school (Katie and Christine Wiemer) while we were there.  They had seen my post on facebook that we were headed there and they happened to be camping there that weekend.  It was fun for the boys since some of the kids were close to their age.  Alex met a new friend named Alex...LOL  and Jeff met twins, Tommy and Jimmy.

Alex's new friend Alex!


  1. Not that I could EVER afford it but what kind of camera do you have? Your pics are awesome. I cannot believe how big the boys are!! Must mean you're old ;)

  2. I use an Olympus E-600 DSLR. The trick is really to have good lighting and set it on sports mode to take many many shots so you can be guaranteed at least one good one. I will take about 300 photos during a setting and only have 25 printable worth keeping.