First Week of Prek

Well Jeffrey started school again. He is still the largest kid in the class. He is turning 3 in 6 weeks but he is in the 2 yr old class. There are a bunch of criers in his class this year and I hope they knock it off because it has to be disruptive to him. I doubt they will teach him anything he doesn't already know. And I fear more that he will pick up bad behavioral habits from the 2 yr olds.

Oh well, here is his pose for me the first day.


  1. This is the exact reason why Connor was put in the three class last year. It was ridiculous to think of putting with diapers and criers. No siry Bob.

  2. He is so Cute! I would insist on moving him up to 3yr old class. Just my opinion. Emma never went to prek and she is starting kindergarten on the 3rd and already knows how to read a bit and write.