Just another day

This is from a post I made on one of my message boards, we do this daily and usually it is just a few lines. So I started this thinking it would be a short little list...I am shocked I made it through the day after typing it all out!

-Woke up to 2 yr old putting "sprinkles" on his cereal (jimmies for those folks not from NJ) SM083 can you say sugar rush?
-Dropped Jeff off at school - killed 3 hrs by putzing around town.
-Atlanta Bread for bagel and coffee
-Alex's school to talk to principal about other kid getting into pre-k
-Pier One - browsing clearance
-Books a Million - got a Dreamweaver CS3 book to teach myself new website building tool (been 6 yrs outta practice)
-CVS for Dh's facial needs (he is such a princess)Eucerin Redness Relief (awesome products but hard to find in the sticks)
-Pick up Jeff from school - he got 2 time outs and peed through his pull up.
-Drive home - remember that I forgot to pay a deposit for Al's birthday party tomorrow...SM031
-Drive back to JC /Fun Expedition (stopping at BK for some food)
-Spend 20 minutes trying to convince 2 yr old I have no money and can't play games...but we will play tomorrow-fireman carry him out of F.E.
-Go to party store to get plates and balloons - fireman carry him away from train table
-Stop at Teacher supply store on the way home - get behavior modification tools for 2 yr old (they didn't sell whips SM140 so I got some posters that are supposed to motivate good behavior)
- 3rd time fireman carry kid away from train table again to leave SM074
-Then home to await other son's arrival
-listen to screaming 2 yr old (for 2 hrs) cry for no apparent reason SM003
-hooked up my new webcam (that has been sitting in a box for months)
-hooked up my new Flip - very cool can't wait to show video on the blog tomorrow of the party
-Send 2 boys off to soccer practice
-watch 2 yr old play half naked out in the yard (we have a tall fence)
-see 2 yr old poop in the yard. (potty training sucks)SM073
-start MARGARITA party SM068
-Boys come home stinky - give baths (try not to drown them)
-Chase 2 yr old around the house to get him dressed for bed
-Close doors to kids rooms
-Realized I never ate dinner ordered a pizza at 9:30pm - watched football with DH for a few
Now visiting my sistas--
Tomorrow big birthday party
Sunday - 1st grade Fiesta party
Monday SLEEEEEEEPPPPPPP and maybe scrap! SM058


  1. Jackie Bergmann8/30/2008

    OMG Janice - I almost peed reading this!

  2. Barbara Carnright8/30/2008

    I laughed way too loud and told my husband to come read this. You are a hoot, Janice! (Say hi to princess for me!)

  3. LOL at the video! Oh my goodness! LOL If I ever think I want another child then I can always come back and watch this (although we are no longer able! ;)).

  4. Yes, I took care of the fertile thing immediately after they took this kid our of my tummy.