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this was so funny I had to share...too bad these ladies gave up writing their blog. But thankfully they left the archives for us.


Behold the Golliwog in all his glory:


I believe this pattern is from some time in the 40s. I was shocked by how freakishly scary it is. What the hell kinda kid would want to play with this thing? Check out those eyes. They make Jennifer Wilbanks look well-adjusted. I also find this thing crazy offensive. The Golliwog character was originally developed by Frances Upton to resemble a Black Minstrel. Wow. Have some stereotypes with your milk and cookies, kids. Thank goodness, by the time I was growing up in the 80s, our culture had moved past such horrible displays of racial intolerance and misunderstanding.


Or not. What the hell is this? Either this family is on their way to the weekly meeting of the Racist Memorabilia Collectors Club (Cracker Division) or they're just cruising to get their asses kicked down at the Family Dollar. Either way they are totally psyched about it. Check out the tot. "We hate Black people! Up with Whitey! Wheeeeee!"

Ten bucks says they have a Mammy cookie jar on their kitchen counter and a lawn jockey out by the car port.

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