Thanks to Lisa and Becky (and not the scrapbooking ones)

On a very groggy morning back in 1998 on May 15th, the company I worked for had a morning division-wide meeting that was mandatory. I had pretty much stayed out the night before waaay to late and dreaded coming into work that day...the only thing that kept me motivated was the prospect of an awesome catered breakfast (customary back in those days).
Much to my surprise the so-called breakfast they were serving was a bunch of crappy dried out cookies that were pretending to be hamantash !
Well as I was bitching about it (out loud of course) this "new guy" butted into my conversation (with myself) and agreed with the "breakfast" bullshit.
This led to a small conversation about what I was out doing the night before and how he also thought about skipping the meeting but heard about the breakfast so like a trooper drove the big 6 miles to work from Hawthorne.
Anyway...later that afternoon (it was a Friday btw) he popped his head over our office cubes (hence picture above) to talk to my friend Lisa. Here is a picture of Lisa (she is a little hottie).
Apparently the engineering department had this thing of asking Lisa to happy hour every week to see "who could get it done". What the Dilbert's didn't realize was that Lisa was happily married to Joe and Friday was date night...riding Harley's and going to the biker bar. LOL what fools!
So anyway, Tony tried asking Lisa to happy hour once again and she pointed to me and said "ask her, she is available now". I had recently been separated from my first DH (dick head in that case) so she jumped at being a matchmaker.

So Tony moved a few feet over and asked me to go to happy hour. I said yes and to call me on my cell phone. It was a new phone and I really didn't know all the stupid little message lights on it so I missed his call/message that night for the directions to the bar. He of course thought I stood him up. So the next morning (Saturday the 16th) I got the message and called him back right away, left a message on his machine to call me back. He did (hours later after calling Becky to ask what he should do...thanks Becky for telling him to call me).

The conversation sorta went like this:
Janice: Hello?
Tony: Hi this is Tony...
Janice: Oh my god, I am SO sorry I screwed up the phone thing last night. I really wanted to go. Tony: Oh that's ok (now I am really making shit up) Would you like to go out tonight? Perhaps to a movie? (he did say movie)
Tony: .....thinking is she crazy?....
Janice: It is the nicest day of the year so far and you want to go hide in a dark theatre? *(it was the first "spring" day in NJ)
Tony: Uh...no? Then what would you like to do?
Janice: Let's go eat somewhere outside...perhaps Ridgewood?
Tony: Uh ...ok
Janice: I will meet you at your house.
Tony: Uh... ok. (I have no idea what he said)

So that was it...the date started around 6pm and didn't end till 3 am. It was probably the longest date in history. So long I can hardly remember what we talked about or where we went. We had a wonderful time. We hit at least 3 different places for food and drinks and he will swear to you that I drank 6 Guinness and fell in love. I will swear it was 3! But he might be right about the love part. We said goodnight and the rest is history.

Why am I telling this long and boring story? Well today is our 10 yr dating anniversary. We have celebrated every year for the past 10 yrs. It is almost more special than our wedding anniversary I think. I wanted to share and get it down in writing before I forget (I am almost 40 ya know)!

Oh and the title is just a pun for my scrapbooking friends Lisa and Becky are some famous designers/editors in the business of Scrap.

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