Getting Older

As I approach the final year of my 30's I have to hope that I will be inspired to get off my ass and make a difference in my life and others as well.
I feel sometimes I have wasted too much time just sitting and watching the world go by. I am not big on resolutions, they are just a set up for failure. I believe you can start "doing good" anytime, anywhere.
I have to say even though it was a hectic weekend I really do appreciate my family. Tony, Alex and Jeff made my birthday/mother's day weekend very special.
Alex made me two cards at school. One even in French!

They picked out gifts at the store when we shopped on Sunday morning before the park opened. I received a beautiful mirror, a jar, and some flowers.

Then on Sunday morning as we were on our way to breakfast my cell phone rang. It was my sister wishing me a happy birthday and mother's day. I am so lucky to have a sister. I just wish we lived a little closer.

Then while shopping (or actually taking the boy to the bathroom)
my dad called with well wishes.

Then a text from my friend Dee...who is a mother of 4, took some time out of her special day to send me good wishes.

Then my mommy called when we were on our way into the park...it is a special day for her as well. Since I was actually born ON Mother's Day it is a treat when my birthday falls on that day again.

I can't forget all the birthday wishes on MySpace and Facebook either...it is so great to be in touch with old friends (now that we can all be OLD together).

And you would think I would get only half the celebration (like Christmas babies) but since I have had kids my dear husband has tried to make it special for me. I know my mom still gets "combo" gifts LOL including the table and chairs she just got from us this year. I am fortunate to get not only a birthday gift and mother's day gift but I also get a "dating anniversary gift" next week (the 16th). It will be 10 yrs this week. I just can't believe we are together that long. It seems like only yesterday.

Well I need to get the boy off for a tball game before "coach Tony" gets home. Signing off...Janice & Co.

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