The Idol Curse is NO MORE

Along with my favorite idol winning tonight, neither of my children broke any bones, knocked out any teeth or fell off a beds. Although Jeff came close performing his rendition of "Old MacDonald" last night at his preschool show.

This is the story of the curse...

On a very special Tuesday evening back in 2002 I was enjoying watching Season 1 of AI and hoping I would soon also have my very first baby. However, I was not hoping it would happen that night. I had been sitting my fat @ss on the sofa for 19 weeks watching Justin and Kelly climb to the top of the heap. I just couldn't miss the finale! Well of course Alex decided he wanted to see it in person as well. I went into labor that night at 2am. We thought the coast was clear when we had Alex at noon that Wednesday. However I had nurses bugging me right as the winner was announced....how dare they? I basically pushed the woman aside (physically) and told her I needed to see this!
Then in 2003 during Season 2 Alex decided he wanted to knock his front tooth out. At only 10 months old he really put a damper on my idol night.
Since those incidents, I have been extra careful on Idol Finale day. Since I forgot to actually play safe today I guess the curse is broken. Although I did swear I would never watch again if DA won....so the AI Gods must be listening.

I really need to start betting on this show. I think I have been right every year on who will win. My DH will probably disagree but I don't listen to him so why should you?

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