Auction time at Ashley Academy

So Beth Peterson roped me in to helping this year...just kidding, I volunteered willingly.

I have been asked to come up with an invitation for the event. These are my first ideas. I am hoping they like one of them. Without too many details on how the "event" is going to be planned these are all over the place.

I personally like the "time" one and the last one with the kids/rainbow colors.

We will see what everyone on the board likes. Hopefully ASAP so they can go to print within a week. I would love feedback of any kind as I am just getting back into this type of stuff to see if I can actually go back to work someday! LOL


  1. AWESOME! I love 2, 3 and 5!!

    Yep, I'm still up and just got your update on my Google Reader. :)

  2. The top two are my favorite. The last one seems too plain to me and the one above the last one (teal background) makes the clothing look like it'd be geared more toward a highschooler and not a parent. Just my little opinion.